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3 Tips for Cultivating Faith While Manifesting Your Dream

Our dream to create the Good&Sharp Studios is happening! If you missed our recent updates, check them out below. We’re so excited to share the progress with you.

We have to say that there have definitely been times on this journey when we couldn’t imagine how it would all come together. Whenever that happened, we would pause momentarily and seek guidance from the Divine. We asked, “Please show us the way." Even if we just needed help figuring out the next step that needed to be taken!

During this journey, we’ve learned to cultivate faith. Faith in the spiritual world, faith in our divine nature, faith in our ability to manifest our dreams in the world. We’ve learned to trust even if some pieces of our plan unfold differently from what we initially anticipated.

What is Faith?

Faith is born of the substance of something we don’t yet see, the substance of what we hope will come into being. It’s our trust and confidence that it will happen. In cultivating faith, we come to trust the divine nature of our being and the gifts we’re meant to bring to the world. We trust that we’ll receive any support we need.

"Trust that your soul has a plan, and even if you can't see it completely, know that everything will unfold as it is meant to." Deepak Chopra

Cultivating Faith While Manifesting Your Dream

Sometimes that’s easier said than done! So, here are three tips we’ve found invaluable in cultivating faith while manifesting your dream:

2. Be grateful.

Take time to celebrate the smaller steps that you’ve accomplished so far. Acknowledge the gifts that have come to you in the form of time, resources, support, and talent to help you on your journey. Appreciate what you've received.

When you express gratitude, the world around you naturally brightens and supports you on your next step.

2. Listen to your intuition.

Intuition is your inner guidance that often speaks with a quieter voice that can easily be ignored or dismissed. You may hear it in the quiet moments of meditation, sleep or sitting in silence. It’s essential to tune in and listen. Your intuition, your soul’s guidance within, will guide you in the next steps that are best. Sometimes, for reasons you may not even see, they’re different from the plan that your rational mind has created. Pay attention, as your intuition directly connects to your divine nature and has a message to deliver.

3. Surrender.

As much as we like to think we’re in control of everything in our lives, this is not the case! Having a plan for your dream is a good idea. But after this is created, surrender that which you cannot control. By allowing this breathing space, you open the door to a sense of wonder, the unexpected, and surprises, for we can’t always picture the unknown from what we already know. Something new needs to arise.

Be grateful. Listen to your intuition. Surrender. And then, you can take that next step toward manifesting your dream. Have faith! It will happen!

If you would like to take a step in manifesting a dream of yours and developing your faith that you will manifest it, check out our upcoming in-person Live Your Dreams Retreat. We still have a few spots left! Click here to find out more!

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