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Do This Once a Day

Imagine that your doctor handed you a prescription that said, “Do something just for yourself once daily. Refills unlimited.”

A little unusual, right? But how important it is for your health that you do something for yourself each and every day! It can make a radical difference in your mood, energy, and physical health. 

Have you done anything for yourself yet today? What about yesterday? Did these energize and rejuvenate you? 

Think of the activities in your life as ones that either increase your energy or deplete it. You can create a "roadmap of health" for yourself by making choices that help you stay energized and healthy while preventing illness when possible. You can even come to understand what supports you when you do get ill or have stressful times.

Your body is able to serve you in the best way when it has just the right balance of certain essentials in life: sleep, nutrition, movement, purpose and meaning, quiet time, social connections, and fun. 

Yes, our body is incredible at adjusting and righting itself when these are out of balance. But this isn’t a long-term strategy for health. 

Being mindful of where you’re gaining energy and where you’re losing it will help you be healthier and more resilient when challenges unexpectedly arise. 

Each person is unique, so what works for one may not work for another. Observing your own choices and their effect on your energy is key to creating your unique roadmap for health. 

To begin to understand energy in your own body, look closer at these. 

  1. Sleep – Essential as a foundation to have energy for the day. Does your sleep provide this for you? 

  2. Nutrition- There are so many choices for ways to eat these days! Choosing foods that nourish your body and provide what it needs is what’s important. How do you feel after you eat? Does your food energize you or make you feel uncomfortable? 

  3. Movement – Your body needs to move. This might be yoga, dance or another type of exercise. But it also might be walking to a friend’s house, gardening, and a variety of activities throughout your day. How do you move during the day? 

  4. Time in Nature – Nature is calming and healing to our senses and body. It leaves us feeling relaxed and re-energized. How often do you go out into nature? 

5. Fun – Having fun and laughing reduces stress and rejuvenates our body. When was the last time you laughed? 

6. Relationships – They can be uplifting, inspiring and supportive. They also can be draining and damaging. How do your relationships affect you? Which ones energize you and which ones deplete you? 

7. Quiet time – Daily life can be overstimulating leaving us feeling stressed. Quiet time for meditation, contemplation or breathwork can reset your nervous system helping you to calm your body and mind. When do you get quiet time during the day? 

8. Purpose and Meaning – Having an activity that has purpose and meaning in your life helps you to get up each morning and be involved in the world. You feel more

connected to others and able to make a positive contribution. What gives you purpose and meaning in life?

Do you have an idea of which area needs more of your attention for you to be the healthiest you can be at this time in your life? 

You can get started today and do something just for yourself. Remember refills are unlimited! 

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