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Take Time to Celebrate the Milestones on Your Journey

What celebrations have you joined recently? Maybe you attended a graduation or a wedding? Or you celebrated the birth of a baby or a new job?

We were honored to join a celebration recently. We attended our granddaughter’s third birthday party in Berkeley, California. Our granddaughter loves outer space and graced the party in a little space suit! I do believe we could be looking at a future astronaut!

Today, we’d like to share that just a couple of weeks ago, we also celebrated a milestone in completing the Good&Sharp Studios. The tap floor in the Movement Studio is done! Take a look at the photo below.

In celebration, while on vacation, we took ourselves to the amazing Spa at the Ritz Carlton in Fort Lauderdale and had a couple’s massage followed by a mani/pedi. David even had his big toenails painted gold!

Completing the tap floor is one small milestone in the creation of our dream, and we were so happy to see it done. Yes, of course, there are many more steps to accomplish, but just for today, we’re celebrating the completion of the tap floor with you!

Why celebrate the small steps along the way?

We often celebrate the major steps of accomplishment or moments in life, but not always the smaller steps along the way.

When we want to manifest a dream we have, it’s important to celebrate the milestones on the path to the bigger accomplishment. Each milestone celebrated will put wind in our sails, helping us to remember, “Yes, I can accomplish this!” It’ll strengthen our ability to move forward to the next step.

Celebrating the small steps of victory today makes it more likely you’ll reach the big victory of realizing your dream in the future.

Sometimes it’s a struggle to celebrate the small steps. We might see them as meaningless or unworthy of celebration. We focus on what’s left to accomplish still and feel celebration is not warranted until the whole goal is realized. Unfortunately, this view can put us into a negative space and a feeling of overwhelm, especially at the beginning of a journey.

Yet, if we shift this habit and choose to celebrate the smaller milestones, we feel uplifted, capable, and even joyous at what we’ve done! This gives us momentum to take the next step on our journey to manifesting our dream, and this joy can even ripple out, positively influencing other areas of our life.

What small milestone have you accomplished recently in the journey to realize your dream? Every single step is important, even if it might seem insignificant.

How can you celebrate this milestone today? Maybe you can share it with a friend? Or give yourself a pat on the back and write about your success in your journal? Or how about dancing a little jig or singing a song in honor of the accomplishment?

You decide!

Take the time to celebrate the small steps on your journey.

It’ll bring great joy to your life!

And if you really want to put wind in your sails, come spend a weekend with a group of powerful manifesters. Join us for our upcoming in-person Live Your Dreams Retreat! Come check out our new tap floor and so much more! We still have 3 spots left! Find out more HERE.


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