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3 Common Obstacles That Interfere with Manifesting Your Dreams

It's really happening! Our dream to create the Good and Sharp Studios is being birthed. If you missed our update, check out our last blog post, It’s Happening! Our Dream is Manifesting! Read Here.

We’ll definitely say that manifesting this dream hasn’t been smooth sailing every step of the way! We’ve had quite a few obstacles to overcome, including limiting beliefs that have popped up for us.

At times, we’ve wondered, is this really what the Divine is calling us to do?

Also, there have been times when we’ve been tired. We look at each other and ponder, how much energy do we have for this?

And then, we’ve wondered, who are we to deserve something as wonderful as this dream?

These types of self-limiting beliefs can happen to all of us!

How do you move through obstacles like these when they arise for you?

We all have infinite potential to share with the world. But sometimes obstacles arise that prevent us from realizing it. Our self-limiting beliefs can definitely get in the way, sabotaging our best efforts and holding us back from success.

Here are a few of the most common self-limiting beliefs that arise when we try to manifest our dreams, and the steps we’ve found to be successful in shifting them:

1. I don’t know what I want.

Sometimes we have vague ideas of our dreams. We aren’t very clear. Maybe, you want to “help other people” or “travel more.” It’s unlikely that dreams this vague will actually come to manifestation.

Having a clear vision for your dream with details of the who/when/where/how/why questions addressed will help create clarity and set an intention for exactly what you want to manifest. Concrete action steps that you can take, a few at a time, will build a bridge to success.

We’ve found it very helpful to create something in physical form that represents your vision. It’s inspirational and a reminder each day of the manifestation of your dream. A 3-D model or a drawing of what you envision are great ways to do this.

2. I don’t have the time and energy.

Sometimes we feel crunched in time. How can we possibly realize our dreams when we have so many other things to do?

And, then, we feel tired. How can I do that TOO? I don’t have that much energy.

Try to shift your perspective in this area. Everyone has the same amount of time each day, and we make choices about how we use it. Prioritizing what’s most aligned with your highest good is key. Do that first. Then see what time is left for the remaining pieces.

Energy is unlimited. Truly. Remember we always have access to energy in the world. Pursuing our passions, gifts, and dreams often creates more energy in our body, mind, and soul. It also brings more joy into our lives!

3. Who am I to deserve this?

This is more common among those trying to manifest their dreams than we often realize. We can believe we aren’t good enough, talented enough, or skilled enough. We can even think we don’t deserve to do or have something so wonderful.

Become self-aware when these thoughts and beliefs creep in. Try to shift them to a more empowering belief: I am worthy of realizing all of my dreams.

Inspire yourself through reading these words of D. Chopra,

“Once you know who you really are, being is enough. You feel neither superior to anyone nor inferior to anyone and you have no need for approval because you’ve awakened to your own infinite worth.”—Deepak Chopra

Finding the keys to break through the self-limiting beliefs that arise on your journey will bring you one step closer to success in manifesting your dream!

Need support getting started, click here to join our private Live Your Dreams FaceBook Community!

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