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How to Jump the Hurdles in Your Path: 4 Tips to Keep You Moving Forward Toward Your Dream

We have infinite potential to share with the world. 

We have dreams we want to manifest. 

And yet obstacles arise. Every month, every week, and sometimes every day, challenges pop up in our path. Sometimes, they’re simple, sometimes more complex. 

Maybe you become ill and need to take time to rest and recover. 

Maybe you experience the loss of a loved one and are grieving. 

Maybe a family member needs your support through a difficult time. 

Challenges like these arise for everyone, taking us away from manifesting our dreams. Know that you’re not alone in this experience! 

Consider a shift in perspective when challenges arise. Imagine if your dream was handed to you with no effort. Would it be as valuable or rewarding for you? Doesn’t the effort you put into achieving the dream make it more meaningful for you? 

Something to consider, certainly. 

And yet, overcoming obstacles is not always easy. Here are 4 tips to help you jump those hurdles and keep moving forward. 

  1. Stay positive. When obstacles arise, we can easily shift into negativity - thinking we’ll never achieve our dream, it was a ridiculous idea anyway and more. Stay positive and remember that you’re capable of moving through this obstacle just like you have many times in the past. You’ll learn from this experience and that’ll help you in the future. This will help you keep the momentum going forward.

  2. Take baby steps. If you’re temporarily unable to move full steam ahead toward manifesting your dream right now, take baby steps instead. Identify what needs to be done next and break it down into small, achievable goals under the current circumstances. Work on one baby step at a time. 

  3. Find support. Reach out to those friends and family members who you find helpful and supportive. Share what you’re experiencing and ask for help. Maybe you just need someone to listen or to take a walk with you. Maybe you need someone to bring you a meal. Other times, you just need the inspiration to keep moving forward. This encouragement may be found in an inspirational podcast or favorite song. What kind of support do you need right now? 

  4. Remember your spiritual practice. The spiritual practice that you’ve developed is a strong support to you in challenging times. Use it to provide strength and resiliency for you when obstacles pop up in your path. 

Keep these four in mind, and you’ll soon find yourself on the other side of that hurdle with more focus and energy to manifest your dream. 

Interested in exploring your illuminated path within a supportive community? We’d love to have you join us in our upcoming Free Workshop, "From Pressure to Power: 4 Uplifting Ways to Enjoy Life on Your Illuminated Path."

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