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It’s Happening! Our Dream is Manifesting!

It’s happening! Our dream to create the Good&Sharp Studios is being birthed. We’re so excited to see it starting to manifest in physical form before our eyes!

Since 2019, we’ve had a dream to create an oasis for spiritual creatives where we could support them in manifesting their dreams. At that time, we created a vision and began looking for people who could support us with our plan.

In December of 2019 we bought a property in South Boulder which we felt would be the perfect place to create our vision. Early In 2020 Jeannine created a 3-D model of what we envisioned for the back of the property.

Then, in the fall of 2020, many dear friends gathered with us, either in-person under the safety protocols at that time or virtually online, at the Rembrandt Yard for our Launch Party of the Good&Sharp Studios. What a wonderful evening and opportunity for us to share our dream with our community!

And then the remodeling of the main building began! We hired Milestone Construction and Andrea Schumacher Interiors as well as Lifescape Landscaping. What a team of create geniuses who embrace and understand our vision!

And now we’re in the midst of the construction of two additional buildings to complete the plan for the Good&Sharp Studios.

Here, in this photo, you see the North Building being built. This will be the Movement Studio, where we’ll have a tap floor. It will also be the home of Jeannine’s Steinway. Our vision is to use this space to create our own choreography as well as enjoy working with clients in our in-person programs. And, of course, Jeannine will spend magical time practicing her concert repertoire and sharing it with clients and friends.

The South Building, which is pictured at the top of the blog will have a Sound Studio and an Art Studio. Our plan is to use this building to create sacred music and art. Jeannine can hardly wait to share the art room with her Master Your Creativity and Good&Sharp clients!

It’s amazing to begin to see the vision that we’ve held for 4 years manifest before our eyes. We’re can’t wait to have it complete and be able to open the doors to our community soon.

What about you? What dreams do you have? Are there ones that still haven’t been realized in your life?

Maybe you think they aren’t possible? Not practical?

Maybe you aren’t sure how to get started or if you will be successful?

Maybe they seem so crazy that you are afraid of what others will say?

Sometimes, dreams can get pushed back on a shelf to gather dust. There are often other things that are more pressing to do each day.

But take a moment right now to dream. What if…… what if those dreams could actually become reality?

Quiet those voices in your head that are telling you no.

Just take a moment and dream.

What if……….what if you could manifest those dreams? What if it were possible?

Picture how you’d feel at the end of your life if you could realize those dreams?

Now picture how you’d feel without realizing them.

You still have time on this earth!

You still have time to manifest all that you were meant to bring into this world – even your dreams!

How about beginning today?

What is the very first baby step you will take TODAY?!

Need help getting started? Check out our upcoming FREE Workshop: “From Pressure To Power.” Come and join us! Find out more HERE.

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