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Why People Give Up on Their Dreams

You have dreams. I have dreams. 

We all have dreams we’d like to manifest in our lives. 

But do you have the perseverance to achieve them? 

Perseverance is the continuous pursuit of your goal even though you may encounter obstacles, experience failures and make mistakes. It’s your unstoppable determination to keep moving forward even when you might feel like you want to quit.

People with perseverance remain optimistic and maintain their motivation to achieve their dreams even when hurdles come into their paths. 

Do you know that most people who have dreams give up on them? Here are 5 of the main reasons why.  

  1. They failed. When people fail at something the first time, they often give up. They don’t realize that achieving their dream might include failing. They may have to try and try again to reach their goal. 

Did you know that Walt Disney was fired from his first job at the Kansas City Star because “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas?” And yet, Walt Disney moved forward to achieve his dream and has entertained children all over the world for nearly a century.

2. Someone said no. When someone says no to your idea or your plan, you may feel like giving up. Many people do. They don’t realize that they may need to come back another time or take the idea elsewhere. 

Did you know that early in his career, Jack London submitted his first story over 600 times before being accepted by a publisher? Imagine 600 times! And now we can read such literary classics as White Fang and Call of the Wild. 

3. They didn’t see the lessons. Failure and mistakes help you learn what doesn’t work in your plan. They help you understand what could work best moving forward. Many people don’t realize failure is the education needed to fine tune the dream as you move forward. 

Ariana Huffington, the co-founder and former editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, had her second book rejected by 36 publishers. With 13 published books now, she shares, “You can recognize very often that out of these projects that may not have succeeded themselves that other successes are built.”

4. They stop believing in themselves. With failure, rejection and mistakes, many will start questioning themselves. They’ll wonder if their dream is realistic, if they have what it takes, if they’re good or worthy enough. 

After high school, Steven Spielberg was rejected 3 times from the University of Southern California of Theater, Film and Television. Then after attending California State University in Long Beach, he decided to drop out, not acquire a degree and pursue his dream of directing. 

5. They aren’t disciplined. Achieving your dream can be a lot of fun, but it also is hard work! It takes energy and time. Scheduling regular time and putting energy toward your dream takes discipline. Many people just won’t be disciplined, and their dream will remain a nice idea that never is manifested. 

Bessie Coleman, the first African American and Native American woman to become a licensed pilot, persevered to pursue her dream despite experiencing racism and sexism in the aviation industry. She eventually earned her pilot’s license and became a pioneering stunt pilot. 

As hurdles inevitably arise in your path, remember why most people give up. Remember those who did not. May it inspire you to persevere and not give up on the dreams you have! You can achieve them. 

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