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Navigating the Ups and Downs in Your Life

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

When I met Jeannine, she introduced me to downhill skiing here in Colorado. Although I was an active athlete for many years, I had not tried skiing. The first time I went up on a ski lift, I teared up. The beauty of the snow, blue sky, trees, and fresh air was so breathtaking that I had a deeply emotional reaction to it. I couldn’t believe I had not known this experience until I was past 50 years old. When I started going down my very first ski hill I experienced fear as I had never before. The feeling of picking up speed so quickly and not really knowing how to turn well was scary. I fell a number of times; spectacularly, I might add! But after a private lesson… I got the hang of it. As my wife, Jeannine, is a former ski instructor, she helped me excel quickly.

Notwithstanding the steep learning curve, being introduced to a brand-new athletic sport in my fifth decade was a wonderful experience. I absolutely love it! It has become a deeply spiritual experience for me.

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Navigating the slopes together through the fresh powder or even some icy conditions, we realized how much skiing is like the natural ups and downs of life.

Our journey through life presents us with many mountains to climb and descend. It’s part of our learning and evolution as human beings in this life.

Do you feel like you're climbing a mountain of some type today?

Maybe an ill family member or a difficulty with a child? Maybe a challenging work situation or health issue?

Imagine if you had to do it alone and with no equipment or support. It’d be pretty difficult to get to the top of that snowy mountain peak!

Well, as we see that mighty mountain looming before us, we can strap on the skis that help us maneuver more easily through the straight paths as well as the curvy ones. We can trust in our equipment to hold and guide us to the end of our journey.

This is very much like our trust in a higher power in life that supports us.

And as we open to trusting in the Divine, we’re also given the precious gift of hope for the future.

This gift fills us with life-giving energy so that we can move forward, putting one foot in front of the other. Or is that one ski in front of the other?!

Thankfully, we have lifts that help us get to the top of that mighty mountain, carrying us up above the rocky, difficult parts and placing us on the pathway where we’ll be most successful.

In life, we also have “lifts” to help us up a mountain.

Calling upon the Divine for support through prayer and meditation can lift you up and support you through those rocky moments.

And let’s not forget about our divinely-inspired guides on earth too. Your friends, life coaches, counselors, and many others who can accompany you on that ascent holding your hand, being by your side, offering ideas for navigating, and cheering you on.

How much easier is it for you with this support to LIFT you as you go up a mountain?

And then there comes the moment when you reach the summit of the mountain. You take a deep breath with gratitude.

Soon you’re sailing smoothly down the mountain slope, skillfully taking every small bump, straight and clear path, or curve.

But it’s inevitable. That moment comes when something surprises us. Maybe we make a quick turn and come tumbling down, crashing to the ground.

Once again, our skis will help to get us upright, as does our trust in the Divine. Our guides in life will also help to LIFT us up and point us in the right direction once again.

Smooth sailing for a while once more.

But what is our fuel, our nourishment that keeps us going? Maybe on a day of skiing, you enjoy a delicious, nutritious meal to fuel your body before you head out the door. And certainly, that is needed on our life’s journey too.

But the ultimate power that fuels us, giving us the energy for life to navigate the ups and downs of life is LOVE.

Knowing we’re loved by the Creator and knowing that we’re worthy of love, love from the Creator, from ourselves, and from others in the world. This can keep us fueled to navigate the highs and the lows of our life’s journey… realizing it’s okay to take a deep breath, let go of what you need to, and just go with the flow, sailing smooth. Or you can take a deep breath and rise up and stand with strength and courage when that’s needed in your life’s path.

As you navigate through the ups and downs of your life’s journey, don’t forget…

  1. Trust in the Divine who will support you.

  2. Use prayer or meditation to lift you up.

  3. Call upon your divinely-inspired guides on earth to assist you.

  4. Fuel yourself with the ultimate power, LOVE.

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