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Connecting with Your True Creative Self

Did you plant a garden this past spring? Have you been tending it throughout the summer and using what you harvest for creating delicious meals?

Or maybe you spent time this summer sketching, painting or observing the beauty of nature all around you.

What artistic or creative activities did you enjoy this summer?

Does nothing come to mind?

Maybe you weren’t feeling very creative this summer or felt like your sense of joy was missing in action.

And maybe the world seems rather chaotic and crazy to you right now. And you feel out of touch with your creative self.

You don’t consider yourself an artist? Or very creative?

Art isn’t about being a professional artist or even about being highly skilled. It’s about the enjoyment of immersing yourself in the act of creating, being fully present for the experience, setting aside all other responsibilities, worries, and thoughts for that time period. And taking the opportunity to experience the beauty of creation.

It becomes a type of meditation where you allow all of the activity and noise of the outer world to slip away so that you can reconnect with your center, yourself, and turn within.

Do you do this regularly?

Do you think you don’t really have the time?

It doesn’t have to be a long time. Even just a minute will do.

Take a moment to move and dance. Just for a minute.

Fully feel your body, your limbs, your breathing. Create the movements that speak to you in the moment. Experience the beauty of movement and appreciate the body that you have. Move it with joy.

And, don’t worry, no one needs to watch! It’s just an artistic moment for yourself.

Or maybe take a moment to create a delicious lunch for yourself. You need to eat, right?! But bring your presence and attention to the food.

What colors of food do you want to choose? How do they create beauty together before your eyes? What are the smells of each food you choose and what flavor will dance in your mouth?

Take a few moments to cut and arrange your choices artistically on a plate. Pour yourself a drink that brings the final touch to the meal. Then sit down to enjoy each and every bite.

Another artistic moment for yourself.

Why would we want to take moments like these during our day or week?

Art as meditation can support you in many ways. It can open up the door to an experience of …

  • Calm and quiet – we so rarely experience this in our daily activities. So, to find a moment for art as meditation helps to slow down your breathing, relax your body and return you back to yourself without the stress of being busy.

  • Beauty – you have an opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the beauty that exists in the world through your senses whether it be in form, color, smell, taste, sound or movement.

  • Yourself – your true self, that is. As you experience the joy and beauty of an artistic moment, with a sense of calm and relaxation, you begin to turn inward. There, within, all of the thoughts bouncing around in your head and activities that exist in the outer world start to become quiet. You’ll begin to access a silence where deeper insights about life or divine messages will reveal themselves to you.

We hope you find the creative activity that’s perfect for you to experience as meditation in your life!

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