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How to Get One Step Closer to Realizing Your Dream

You are a divine being living upon this earth. Yes, you are! We all have infinite potential as divine beings, but sometimes there are obstacles that we experience that get in our way. That happens to all of us at some point in our lives.

Sometimes unconscious limitations can interfere with our ability to realize our full potential. They can also interfere with our ability to bring the gifts into the world that we’re intended to share. We may choose to stay stuck or even take an action that doesn’t support us in realizing our highest potential.

But it’s possible for you to learn to move through these obstacles so that you can fully realize your potential and make the dreams that you have a reality!

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Sometimes, it can feel like you’re alone, left struggling to figure out who you’re meant to be or what you’re meant to do in life. You just can’t seem to make the leap from where you are to where you want to be.

What if you were to shift your perspective on this?

What if you saw an obstacle as a perfect opportunity for you to call upon the Divine and be open to receiving the support that you need to move forward. Doesn’t that feel different?

What Stands in the Way of Your Dream?

Take a moment right now and think of a dream that you have that’s not yet realized. Then ask yourself why.

Why isn’t it realized yet? What stands in the way?

Write down your thoughts. This will help you to begin to understand the obstacles that stand in the way; the resistance that you experience within yourself.

Next, become aware of the voice in your head that arises when you think of that dream and what stands in your way.

What’s that voice saying? Is it telling you that you don’t have enough time? Enough talent or skill?

The dream’s not practical or realistic? Or, that you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked?

Does it say you might fail or make a mistake? Be embarrassed? Not have anything worth sharing?

Notice what thoughts arise. Notice what feelings arise.

Becoming aware of these obstacles that stand in your way can help you to come one step closer to moving through them and even one step forward on your path to realizing your dream!

Now, call upon the Divine and ask for the support you need for your next steps. Be open to receiving. Listen with your heart.

Want to take further steps in realizing your dream? We warmly invite you to check out our free Masterclass on “How to Connect to and Clarify Your Dreams So You Can Make Them A Reality” here.

This Masterclass will:

  • Help you access a deep state of relaxation and peace

  • Lead you in a reflective exercise and guided meditation to help you open to divine support

  • Help you become aware of and let go of unconscious limitations that may be holding you back from realizing your dreams

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