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Key #1 Active Embodiment of Your Learning

We, David and Jeannine, are so excited to be living our dream to join together strong to offer transformational experiences to others at our newly-opened spiritual center and also virtually online. It has been such a joy! Yes, hard work too, but truly a joy to be able to support others who are interested in realizing their dreams and reaching their full potential in their lives.

We’ve had so many incredible human beings tuning in to our offerings, and they soon discovered there are key components that make our teachings unique in style. These are really an expression of who we are in the world and what we’ve discovered as powerful keys in the healing, growth, and evolution of those on this journey in life.

And, of course, we love to have fun and be playful, to share joy together with others! So, that’s important to us. It renews our energy and the connection we have with each other and ourselves.

Check out the 3 powerful keys that we find essential for transformational learning to support you in taking the next steps on your illuminated path in life.

  • Active embodiment of your learning- This is experiential learning at its finest, truly experiencing what you are learning within your body. You’ll become aware of the sensations and feelings within your body and be able to shift your energy to a higher, elevated state. Discover more about this potent piece of transformational learning.

  • Playful, artistic expression of the next steps on your path- Be ready to sing, dance and draw with us! We believe transformation can be fun, playful, and creative. It doesn’t have to be drudgery.

  • Meaningful ritual for sacred moments - Simple, yet powerful rituals honor the sacred moments on our paths of transformational learning and brings awareness and meaning to our lives.

Are you interested, but wondering what this looks like if you joined us at an event?

Let us take time to share some more.

What do we mean by active embodiment of your learning?

In our retreats, even when we hold them virtually, we like to use the practice of embodiment. We want you to embody the teaching, so it can truly become yours.

This is experiential learning at its finest. Not only will you hear and see transformational content in our teaching, but you’ll be moving your body to experience it in your bones, muscles, and skin.

These are simple movements (no expertise required!) that are designed to shift energy. They might create space to allow joy to arise. Or support you in moving the pain you feel within or obstacles that are blocking your path forward. You’ll feel a sense of renewal and rejuvenation with more “juice for the journey” forward.

There’s great power in doing in our bodies, not just hearing and seeing when we’re engaged in transformational learning. As you begin to feel it in your body, you begin to become aware of what this new experience feels like and, in the future, you’ll be able to recognize it or recreate it when you want to again.

When you experience learning in your body, this gets things moving, energy circulates within you. You’re able to “compost” what you need to release and also receive the nourishment that you need. This opens the door to real transformation, a place of deep healing and growth.

When we bring active embodiment at our events for transformational learning, we often remember the great mystic and teacher of the 14th century, Julian of Norwich. Long ago, she suffered from severe body pain during an illness she had. It was then that she learned that if she was open and attentive to her body’s sensations that she became more aware of the presence of God that didn’t just exist in her mind. With an awareness within her body, even in illness, she learned she was able to more easily tap into the inherent oneness with the Divine.

So, we like to bring simple movements for the body. These are often accompanied by inspiring or sacred words and sometimes music that support you in embodying your connection with the Divine and your destiny work in the world. Imagine it as engaging your whole body in your spiritual practice. You’ll become more aware and aligned with the gifts you’re here to share. You may even be surprised at what arises!

When you’re engaged in these simple movements for embodying your learning on your illuminated path, sometimes things come up! Maybe new feelings or sensations or even divine messages. So, you can remember these steps:

  1. Be open to what arises when you’re doing the simple movements. Don’t make a plan ahead of time for what you think should arise. And don’t be self-critical of what comes! Just be open and allow whatever arises to do so, knowing it’s perfect just as it is.

  2. Welcome and accept what comes like a long-lost friend. You may not fully understand it, but welcome it anyway. Embrace it and just go with the flow of what comes.

  3. Become attentive and aware of what comes. Feel the sensations in your body, the energy that rises, and your shift of mood. Listen or feel any message that may come. And accept if nothing does. Know you may be surprised!

Ready for the next steps on your illuminated journey of transformational learning? We’d love to have you join us. Check out our current offerings here.

Stay tuned to discover more about the 2nd and 3rd powerful components for transformational learning coming soon.

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