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Wisdom as a Gift in Your Life

Do you consider yourself to be a smart person? What about a wise person? 

Are you both? 

Do you wonder, what is the difference? 

Many of us consider ourselves to be smart. We’ve acquired a good amount of knowledge in many areas. We apply this knowledge to situations easily and quickly to solve problems, sometimes in a clever way. When we’re exposed to new information, we can process it in a logical, systematic way.

We likely are also aware of our skills and abilities and are confident in them. We have thoughts, ideas and opinions and like to express them to others. We may even try to convince others of these. 

This is being smart, but what does it mean to be wise? 

And how do you attain wisdom? 

Although you may consider yourself to be smart, this doesn’t necessarily lead to wisdom. 

Wise people take time to digest knowledge and reflect upon the more subtle aspects of their experiences to understand them deeply. They process information not only with logic but with emotion, too. They engage their head and their heart to inform their actions in the world. 

Wise people accept that others will have different ideas, thoughts, and feelings, and they often listen to what others share more than they speak. They use their sound judgment to solve problems, considering what might be best for all involved. They enjoy inspiring others when they can. 

Wise people are aware of their weaknesses and even that there is much they do not know, leaving them humble and wanting to learn more. They realize that they may make mistakes and will learn from those.

Are you wise, as well as smart? 

You might imagine that wisdom is a part of growing older. And yes, this is a possibility. But, it’s not always a guarantee. There are many older people (you probably know some!) who might be considered smart, but not wise. 

Wisdom arises through deep reflection and awareness of life, often borne from being in new situations where we grow or challenging ones where we experience pain or loss. 

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. 

Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."


How do you know if you have acquired wisdom? 

Wisdom often can be felt as a greater depth of soul. Something fuller, richer, more substantial has arisen within. You feel as if it has been gifted to you out of your efforts but has not necessarily come from you. 

What wisdom have you already gained in your life? As you consider the dreams that you would like to manifest in the world, tap into this wisdom. Turn inward and ask for guidance filled with wisdom to help you manifest your dreams.

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