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Why Are We the Good&Sharp Studios?

We are the Good&Sharp Studios, and we love our name! 

Why, do you ask? Let us share more. 

An exploration of the origin of the word good can provide great insight. The Old English word god (pronounced with a long o sound) meant “excellent, fine, entire, complete.” When used to describe actions, it originally meant “beneficial, effective, righteous.” 

By the early 20th century, when used as “good deed” or “good works,” it was considered as an “act of service to others.” 

Today, when we consider the word good as an adjective, it’s something that is to be desired or approved of, as in “ a good quality of life,” As a noun, it can be used as something that is of benefit to others, as in “ for the good of humankind” or something morally right, as in “the balance of good and evil.” 

We like to consider the good within our work at Good&Sharp Studios as that which is effective, excellent, and beneficial to others in the world. We want to make a positive impact in the world! 

Taking a closer look at the word "Sharp," it stems from the Old English scearp “having a cutting edge, pointed” or “intellectually acute, active, keen.” 

Today, the word sharp can be used in a variety of ways, but let’s focus on these: describing a person who is “keen in intellect, perception or attention” or “something that is clear in detail or set forth with clarity.” It can even be used to describe a stylish way of dress. 

We like to consider sharp within our work as that which is keen in perception and set forth with clarity. 

What we hold close to our hearts from our name at Good&Sharp Studios is, “With keen perception and clarity, we bring forth what is effective and beneficial to others in the world.” 

That is how we make a difference! 

We hope you’ll explore the many offerings we have at Good&Sharp Studios that are designed to support you in manifesting the dreams that you want to realize in your life! Check them out here.


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