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Walking a Labyrinth as a Calming and Contemplative Practice

We are so excited to see the progress of our labyrinth at Good&Sharp Studios! We hope many of you can come and experience it in person sometime soon.

Labyrinths are a powerful, meditative experience that have been used by many for centuries. They can be calming and relaxing to the nervous system, bringing you a feeling of peace. They can also be a time of self-reflection as you hold a question within your mind as you make the journey inward to gain wisdom and then move outward to return to the world with this wisdom.

A labyrinth has a unique form with a path that winds back and forth in a circular and sacred, geometric pattern. There’s just one continuous path to the center that you walk and then you return to your starting point by walking on the same path.

You cannot make a wrong turn in a labyrinth! You simply start walking until you reach the center. You can pause there to consider your journey then turn around to return to where you started.

How to Walk a Labyrinth as a Contemplative Practice

  1. Stand at the beginning of the labyrinth and take a few deep breaths to become centered and present.

  2. Choose an intention for this walk. Maybe you have a question where you’d like some insight. Or you would like to speak a mantra. Or maybe you want to sending healing light to a loved one.

  3. As you begin your journey, consider your intention with every step you take.

  4. Once you reach the center, pause and notice how you feel. See if any new insight has come to you.

  5. Then mindfully turn to continue your walk on the path outward, still holding your intention.

  6. Pause one more time at the entrance/exit to the labyrinth and remember your intention. Be open to any further insight that may arise here.

  7. Step out of the labyrinth moving back to your daily life with greater calm and wisdom.

We hope you can enjoy this calming and contemplative practice of walking the labyrinth at the Good&Sharp Studios soon. Sign up for our newsletters!

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