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The Power of Music

6 Ways that Music Can Support You

Music is a great gift given to us in life. It’s a universal language that has the ability to affect us through its energy and vibration. It resounds through your whole being and touches your soul.

If you’re open to its power, it can resonate in every part of your being… reaching your mind, body, and spirit.

Think back to songs you’ve listened to recently. What were they?

Why did you choose to listen to those songs or that type of music?

How did it make you feel?

You probably can think back and remember that your mood might’ve shifted, or certain feelings arose when you listened to specific songs or a certain type of music.

Maybe the music put a smile on your face, and you felt happy.

Or maybe memories from your life arose that were prompted by a particular song.

Or maybe the soft, gentle sounds relaxed your whole body and you felt less stress.

Music can shift your mood and bring you into a completely different space.

As we become more aware of this in our daily lives, we can use it as a support.

Next time you need to shift your mood, you can more mindfully choose the radio station in your car or the playlist as you put in your earbuds and head out for a walk.

Here are our 6 favorite ways to use the power of music for support. We listen to music that is…

  • Calming and relaxing – This is typically something you’d hear in a spa or yoga class. These gentle sounds wash over you like soft waves in an ocean and slow down your breathing, quiet your mind and relax the body.

  • Energizing and motivating – This music pumps you up with lots of energy and strength, getting you ready to take action or win the game or do what you need to do. The “Theme from Rocky” is a wonderful example.

  • Joyful and cheerful – This music lightens our mood and puts a smile on our faces, making us feel positive and happy. A perfect one for many is “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

  • Inspiring for dance – We hear this music and we start tapping our foot or moving our bodies. We want to dance! Songs by Michael Jackson are great ones here.

  • Touching, sad – Slower songs, often with piano sounds, connect us with our humanity and the suffering people may feel in the world. They help us to engage our feeling life and experience empathy for others. One example here is “Hello” by Adele.

  • Transcendent- This music helps us to connect to the One or to raise our vibration to a higher frequency helping us to evolve spiritually. Some examples here include the Beatles song, “Let it Be” or mantra chants in Sanskrit. This music connects you to something greater than yourself.

Maybe it’s time for you to create a unique playlist for yourself. A tool that you can have handy when you need to shift your mood or create a new energetic space.

Remember your choices of song or music may not be the same as someone else’s. You choose what meets your needs in the way that you’d like support or to grow.

Becoming aware and embracing the power of music in your life can improve your overall well-being. You can use it to connect more deeply to yourself, to those in your life, and to the spirit realm, helping you to grow and evolve as a human being on your journey through life.

Interested in exploring more in manifesting a life filled with joy? Check out our website and new oasis that just opened recently Good and Sharp Studios.


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