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Finding the Golden Thread of Your Life’s Purpose

If you look back on the journey of your life, you may notice that there’s been a golden thread that has been the strength and power in your life. It’s fueled your passion and is where you find your purpose. It’s here where you probably found your gifts to share with the world.

It doesn’t matter what age you are! There’s still a golden thread that moves through your life’s journey, the thread of your purpose and passion in life.

We invite you to explore your golden thread at our first ever Live Your Dreams retreat in September 2021 at our new oasis, Good&Sharp Studios. Find out more HERE.

David has a story that shares a wonderful moment in his life that reminds him to always keep in mind this golden thread, his purpose in life. You too may enjoy this story!

I often think back in my life to one specific moment with my father, when he was 52 years old and I was 25 years old. He was heading into a surgery that could possibly have complications. As I was standing next to him while he was lying on a bed before he was wheeled into surgery, I asked him a question. I was worried about the worst possible outcome if he didn’t make it through the surgery, so I inquired, “Dad, what if you don’t make it. Are you going to be okay?”
My father knew what I meant. As we were both ministers, we could speak to each other very matter-of-factly about the realities of life and spirit. He responded calmly to me, “Yes, David, I’ll be alright.”
“How do you know?” I asked with love, more than a little anxiety and a small dash of curiosity.
He answered, “Because I know that I’ve lived my life’s purpose.”
That answer hit me with amazing power and sunk into the depths of my soul. The sureness with which he answered touched me like nothing else had up to that point in my life.
Tears started rolling down my cheeks from the beauty of that special moment. My father knew he would be okay because he had fulfilled his life’s purpose already.
This moment has stayed with me over the years, and I often ask myself, “Am I living my life’s purpose? If my life came to an end tomorrow, would I feel I would be alright too, because I have lived my life’s purpose?”

And how about you? Are you living your life’s purpose?

We, Jeannine and David, are living our life’s purpose. We have come together to create a dream of ours, The Good&Sharp Studios, where we can support you in developing to your highest potential. We want you to be able to bring your gifts into the world to make it a better place for all of us.

We so look forward to having you join us at our first ever retreat, Live Your Dreams, at The Good&Sharp Studios, an oasis that’ll be a hub of spirituality and the arts. We are excited to support you to live your dreams as you align with your true purpose in life.

We’re pleased to let you know that we’ve thoughtfully and carefully chosen accommodations that will nourish your body and soul as you attend our retreat this September.

You’ll be staying at The Bradley Boulder Inn, a lodging experience that is refreshingly different. The Bradley has unique, spacious, and sun-filled rooms, all with private baths, and featuring windows and patio doors that open wide to let in the fresh Rocky Mountain air. Each room has 100% cotton, high thread-count white linens, and fluffy towels that wrap you in comfort. Your stay will include a homemade breakfast, a glass of wine at the day's end, and fresh-baked cookies, as well as complimentary coffee and tea. These are all included in the room rate!

The rooms are each unique and some even include private fireplaces, jacuzzi tubs, or balconies. You can unwind and relax after a day at the retreat, being nourished by the warm hospitality and beautiful space at the inn. You’ll have the opportunity to gather with other participants in the evening, opt for quiet contemplation by yourself, or even a walk downtown or in nature right from the inn.

We hope you can join us in September!

Find out more about our first-ever Live Your Dreams retreat in September 2021 at our new oasis, Good&Sharp Studios, here.


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