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Make a Difference in Someone’s Day (and Life!)

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Our lives can become busy. Sometimes we forget to take time to help others.

You might even think that you don’t have time to be of service to others.

There’s just no time!

Yet, if we think back to times that we have helped others in our lives, we know that it reminds us of our humanity and connects us to our community. It helps us get out of our daily busyness and touches our hearts. Your experience of life is much bigger than just yourself.

So often, we can be focused on our worries and our concerns in the moment, especially in the challenging times that we have right now in our world.

But, when you stop and give to another, you step out of that whirlwind of negativity for a moment and offer a gift to someone else. A gift that may bring joy, may bring a smile or even laughter.

Don’t think you have time to give to another? Here are some ideas of what you can give as a gift to someone else during your normal, daily activities.

  • A warm hug

  • Your ability to listen attentively and actively

  • Your voice to advocate for someone in need

  • Your presence and comfort by just being there for someone who is struggling

  • A compliment

  • A flower from your garden

  • Your interest, by asking a question about them

  • A silent blessing or prayer for someone

  • Fresh vegetables or fruit from your garden or farmer’s market

  • A meal or dessert from what you made at home

  • A message that shares that you are thinking of that person

  • A memory of a fun time you shared with that person

  • An expression of gratitude for what you appreciate about that person

Maybe you have more time?

Then you can check out the many organizations that ask for volunteers. You can take time once a week or even once a month to step out of your own life and be a blessing to someone else’s life.

When we step into the act of giving to another, we enter the dynamic exchange of giving and receiving in the flowing energy of the universe. While we offer ourselves in service to another, we also receive. We feel a connection to that which is bigger than ourselves. We experience meaning and purpose in life. We might even feel a warm heart connection or joy! Nourishment to our soul.

Think of one small act of giving you can do today. Now step out into the world to do it and see how it makes a difference!

Are you feeling unsettled and highly stressed? Are you unhappy and maybe even feeling depressed? Do your days feel dull and pointless?

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