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Key #2 Art as a Creative Tool for Exploration

We, David and Jeannine, recently completed a retreat online – yes, online! We had a wonderful time with our participants and helped them move forward to making their dreams a reality.

What a wonderful experience we had. We did it live from New York City looking over Central Park. We moved and drew, meditated. got clear, got focused, and planned.

There are 3 powerful keys that are at the heart of the transformational learning we bring. They support you in taking the next steps on your illuminated path in life. We’ll share a little about them here.

  • Active embodiment of your learning- This is experiential learning at its finest, truly experiencing what you are learning within your body. In active embodiment of your learning, you’ll become aware of the sensations and feelings within your body and be able to shift your energy to a higher, elevated state.

  • Playful, artistic expression of the next steps on your path- Be ready to sing, dance and draw with us! We believe transformation can be fun, playful, and creative. It doesn’t have to be drudgery. Discover more about this potent piece of transformational learning HERE.

  • Meaningful ritual for sacred moments - Simple, yet powerful rituals honor the sacred moments on our paths of transformational learning and bring awareness and meaning to our lives.

Are you interested? Maybe still wondering what this looks like if you joined us at an event?

Let us share a little more. If you missed our last article of Key #1 Active Embodiment of Your Learning you can find it here and discover more about this key in transformational learning.

Now we’ll share more about Key #2.

Art as a Creative Tool for Transformational Learning

In our events, like the retreat we had online recently, art, as a creative tool for transformation, is at the center of our teaching. So, when you join us, be ready for singing, dancing, drawing, painting, and/or more creative activities! We like to have fun and be playful, sharing joy together. Inner growth and discovery don’t have to be drudgery.

Art can be an incredible, engaging tool that supports us in self-discovery and exploration.

In creating art, you come together with the materials in a creative process that becomes like a passageway to your inner life. This is where a deeper knowing exists – a deeper knowing of yourself and your path, but also of universal, divine wisdom.

Through art, you’re able to tap into this wonderful wellspring that will guide you on the next steps of your illuminated path. For art is the language of our soul.

Meister Eckhart says it beautifully, “Whatever I want to express in its truest meaning must emerge from within me and pass through an inner form. It cannot come from outside to the inside, but must emerge from within.”

Human beings are naturally creative. It’s part of our nature. And being creative brings us back to this state – our true nature.

Know that when you’re engaged in the creative process of art in one of our events, it’s not time for judgment or critique. Nor is it really time for thinking or planning. It’s time for presence in the moment as you are actively engaged in the creative process.

Creating art, when focusing on the process and not product, can help us to access a meditative state, tapping into a deeper and quieter part of ourselves. A place of inner stillness without the busyness of the mind.

Here we can enter a feeling of flow and freedom, free of judgment, separation, and physical boundaries. A place of expansion, a space without limits.

A space for self-discovery and expression. An opportunity for healing. A place for transformational growth.

It’s here where we can also discover new ideas and create new ways of thinking that we may need as we move forward on our journey.

This is why art, as a creative tool for transformation, is at the center of our teaching!

Ready for the next steps on your illuminated path and wanting some guidance? We’d love to support you! Check out our current offerings HERE.

Stay tuned to discover more about the 3rd powerful component for transformational learning coming soon.

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