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The Wild & Sacred River of Creativity: 3 Tips for Moving Through Obstacles that Arise While Creating

The Power of Creativity

We’re born into this world as infinitely creative beings. It’s true! It’s part of why we’re here upon earth.

Creativity’s an expression of who we are as human beings, the true self, the authentic self, the divine self. It’s our breath of life.

Creativity’s where we have the possibility to express the individuality of who we are as unique beings in the world. It’s where we can imagine and manifest what is new in the world- the new ideas, the new solutions, the new ways of thinking that are needed today.

Creativity can be powerful! It can support us in bringing our dreams into the world. It can help to serve humanity and even become a potent healing force in the world. It can help us to live more fully and peacefully upon our great Mother Earth, creating a better tomorrow for those who follow us.

What river of creativity is running through you? Are you ready to join it? We want to support you in manifesting the dream you have. So we invite you to our first ever Live Your Dreams retreat in September 2021 at our new Oasis, The Good&Sharp Studios.

You may be wondering, what is creativity exactly? Creativity is a birthing of something new in the world. Bringing into existence something that never has existed in that form before. Whether it’s a new business, a painting or a new relationship – there’s a leap from what already existed to

something new that comes into being through a creative idea that was sparked in our consciousness.

We, David and Jeannine, remember the moment that we first came together to teach a course at the Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality in Boulder, CO. It was then that we thought that it’d be wonderful to create an oasis for spiritual creatives where we can support them in bringing their dreams into the world.

So, when the Fox Institute needed to close its doors, we saw the perfect opportunity to venture down this new path to bring this idea to fruition.

To be honest, we were a little nervous.

New and creative ideas can be rather unpredictable and messy. They aren’t always smooth sailing! But we had our faith and our trust in the ever-present spiritual world which would guide and support us in this adventure. 

So, we jumped in and began the wild ride!

Creativity is Messy

Creativity is messy! In the midst of trying to bring your creative idea into reality, there can be chaos, challenges, and even surprises along the way. Matthew Fox, one of our primary mentors, shares this on creativity:

“There is a river of creativity running through all things, all relationships, all beings, all corners and centers of the universe. We are here to join it, to get wet, to jump in, to ride these rapids, wild and sacred as they be.”

Well, we jumped into the river to create the Good&Sharp Studios, our dream of an oasis for spiritual creatives. We’re getting a little wet and riding the rapids, as wild and sacred as

they are at the moment!

As with almost any building renovations, there’ve been surprises along the way. As the contractors began pulling down walls, they discovered water damage that had occurred in the past and now we need to look at repairing it.

Together strong we are riding the wild waves, keeping in mind these 3 important tools on the creative journey. They might be helpful to you too!

1. Persevere - Envision what it would be like to have your dream manifest in life. Listen to that quiet voice inside that says don’t give up. Sometimes in life, courage doesn’t come in the roar of a lion, but it comes from the small voice within that simply says, get up again tomorrow and take the next step. Don’t give up. One step at a time and progress will happen.

2. Trust - Take the time to cultivate faith, faith in the spiritual world, and faith in your ability to manifest your dreams in the world. It nourishes the seed of our vision as it springs to life.

3. Enjoy – Enjoy the ride! It may not be smooth nor how you envisioned it, but creativity can be messy. Take a moment to have gratitude and enjoy the present moment on the creative journey that brings your passion to life.

Jump in the Wild and Sacred River

Are you ready to jump in that wild and sacred river? What dream are you ready to create in this world?

All of us have dreams. What dream do you have hidden away that you thought would never be possible to realize? Is it time to tap into that wellspring of creativity that we all have inherited and bring yours to life?

Yes, it might be a wild ride at times with surprises along the way. But, when you come to the end of this journey called life, you’ll rest peacefully knowing that you had the courage to manifest your dreams in the world, in service to humanity for a better tomorrow.

What river of creativity is running through you? Are you ready to join it? We want to support you in manifesting the dream you have. We invite you to our first ever Live Your Dreams retreat in September 2021 at our new Oasis, The Good&Sharp Studios.


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