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Let It Be, Let It In, Let It Go: Finding a sense of hope, joy and renewal in life again

We are in our 2nd summer of a pandemic. How are you doing?

Has your heart been feeling heavy lately? Do your shoulders feel weighted down by burdens in your life?

If so, take a moment to explore your thoughts and feelings around what’s bothering you right now.

What concerns you most? And what feelings arise for you?

Is there fear or anger or sadness?

Allow yourself a few minutes to tap into your soul to become more aware.

When you feel such heaviness in your life, do you have a way to shift this?

Maybe you struggle with finding a way to free yourself from these burdens so that you can find lightness and joy again in your life.

We, David and Jeannine, were talking recently about the troubles that exist in our lives that are weighing heavily on our hearts and minds right now.

Jeannine has been troubled by caring for a family member who’s struggling physically and mentally. She is not sure how to best meet his needs at this time of his life.

David has felt fear, worry and even anger rise up within as he has witnessed and experienced the racism that still exists in our country. He even has been concerned about walking in his own neighborhood given the hate that has been seen in America lately due to those that look different from their neighbors.

Want to hear our full stories? You can listen to us share them in our Masterclass "Let It Be, Let It In, Let It Go."

Looking outside in nature, we can see summer in its full verdure. It’s a perfect time to release any heaviness we’re carrying and allow hope and joy to receive the light of a bright sun in our lives again. A practice of consciously releasing the burdens that weigh upon us, and our feelings about them, can lighten our load and uplift us.

When we carry fear, anger, and sadness around with us, they can bring tension into the body and the mind which can eventually lead to challenges with our physical and mental health.

But, by allowing ourselves to become aware of what’s troubling us, we can recognize what it is that we need to release.

As we release the heaviness that we feel in our hearts and minds, we lessen our pain and our ability to move forward with more levity and freedom.

Out of this process, healing can arise, bringing renewed energy for life. We can once again see the others around us with compassion and a sense of hope, recognizing the divine that exists within each one.

We begin to heal ourselves and the world.

If you have burdens that are weighing upon your heart and mind right now, we invite you to check out our masterclass "Let It Be, Let It In, Let It Go" here to learn a practice that will support you in releasing this burden so that you can feel joy and hope once again.

In this Masterclass, you’ll find comfort, relief, and hope for the pain in your life. We’ll help you release the heaviness on your heart and mind to discover a renewed strength for living by:


  • Giving you an opportunity to give voice to your despair

  • Teaching you a powerful practice to let go of your burdens

  • Offering you a tool to uplift your soul

Find the Masterclass, and we wish you lighter and more joyful steps into the rest of the summer!


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