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“By Letting It Go, It All Gets Done…”

How’s your journey been going to manifest your dream? Has it been smooth so far or a little bumpy?

When you’re on a journey to manifest a dream, the steps don’t always go as planned. Sometimes there are surprises along the way!

We (David and Jeannine) have had many surprises along the way as we’ve been building the Good&Sharp Studios. We first thought we would remodel our garage into a movement studio, only to discover that the City of Boulder would not allow us to do so. This all led us to create a whole building for the movement studio in our backyard!

Have you experienced a time when things haven’t gone the way you’d like or planned while manifesting your dream?

How did you feel? Frustrated? Angry? Annoyed?

One of the biggest challenges on the journey to realizing your dream is learning to surrender and live in the natural flow of life. When we don’t fully surrender and try to control every aspect of the journey, we’ll experience stress and unhappiness.

Whenever we decide to let go of situations that we cannot control, we allow a space for new and better opportunities to arise to support us – ones that we could not foresee. We’ll feel less stressed and calmer.

In surrendering, you’ll find great power. That might sound unlikely, but it’s so! You’ll feel more happiness and peace. Lao Tzu said, “By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go. But when you try and try. The world is beyond the winning.”

By letting go, we’re practicing faith that the Divine knows and provides what’s best. It’s only in surrender that we can fully realize our highest self and radiate this magnificence to the world.

You may associate the idea of surrender or letting go with defeat or giving up. This is not so. Surrender is trusting in the Divine to unfold the next steps, even when you can’t see what they are.

From a spiritual perspective, everything is always unfolding perfectly. There’s no need to struggle to make situations go the way you planned. When you surrender, you release the struggle and tap into deeper wisdom for your life’s path.

Letting go doesn’t usually happen easily and immediately. You may need to take one small step at a time to develop this ability.

Here are some guidelines that have worked well for us in surrendering while manifesting our dream. They may be helpful for you too.

1. Know your intention and remind yourself.

Each day, take a quiet moment to find your center. Remember that you’re a spiritual being and that you have a dream that you’re manifesting. You might find it helpful to write it down or to close your eyes and hold these thoughts in your mind for a few minutes. Set an intention for the day that it will unfold in the best way for your highest self. Days can get chaotic and busy. So, in setting an intention in the morning, you’re directing your energy toward your soul’s purpose. Try to do this each day!

2. See the light.

As the day begins and you encounter other people and situations, it’s easy to feel a sense of powerlessness if you’re not able to control what’s happening. You can escape this illusion (it is an illusion!), if you focus on the divine light that radiates from you and also from others. When you’re tempted to judge or try to take control of others, remind yourself that everyone shines with radiant light. Everyone’s doing the best they’re able to do in any situation.

3. Allow the Divine to lead.

When we’re learning to surrender, we can easily fall into worry and doubt. What will happen if I’m not in charge or in control? Will anything get done? And will it be done well?

Resist listening to this voice and try a new way. Remember your intention that everything will work out as it should for the highest good. Then let go and allow the space for opportunities to arise. See what happens!

Letting go and allowing the space for the highest good to arise in every situation throughout the day will bring you a sense of calm and peace instead of stress and irritation. You can trust that all will unfold perfectly without you controlling every step. Remember this doesn’t mean that you’re inactive or negligent. Set your intention, be present and engaged in your day. But let go of needing to control. See if you experience a difference!

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Daryl Ryman
Daryl Ryman
Aug 05, 2023

I met a young woman online, who's in the Philippines and I planned a trip to go see her. It's been a somewhat rocky relationship for me to begin with and I now found myself wanting to cancel the trip and not take the risk of going to see someone I only know from talking with online and in video chats. I want to stay safe and control things. Letting Go is definitely not an easy thing for me to do in relationships or with this trip and communication has really been lacking lately because she is in an area where she rarely has a signal. I just find myself not trusting her completely and wanting to end this crazy…

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