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Art as a Creative Tool for Self-Discovery

Do you shy away from being artistic or creative?

Maybe you think you’re not good enough or don’t have the skills required. Maybe you feel you don’t really have the time to spare.

Creative activity can be a powerful tool for exploration of your inner self and the dreams and longings you have for your life. When used in this way, your artistic work is less about the end result and more about what arises in the process of creative exploration.

Human beings are naturally creative. It’s part of our nature. And being creative brings us back to this state – our true nature.

Consider what type of artistic activity might be right for you? There are so many choices!

Take a look at the list below. Which ones speak to you? Try out a few and see which one connects to you most at this time in your life.

  • Sing or chant with music or create your own songs

  • Paint with watercolors, oil, or ink

  • Draw with chalk, colored pencils, crayons, or pastels

  • Sculpt with clay

  • Weave with cloth or fibers from nature

  • Create a collage from colorful paper or small items found at home

  • Dance or move to music that resonates with you

  • Write about your thoughts, ideas or experiences

When you engage in art, time seems to stand still. Your whole being enters into a state of concentration, flow, and self-expression through the medium you have chosen. This becomes a passageway to your inner life where a deeper knowing exists – a deeper knowing of yourself and of universal, divine wisdom.

Here are 3 ways in which artistic activity can support you in self-discovery.

1. Self-Expression

In a busy day filled with so many tasks to do, we often don’t have time for ourselves. Taking time for an artistic activity allows you to reconnect with who you truly are at this time in your life and what your soul longs to express at this moment.

2. Acceptance

In the activity of being creative, you’ll encounter surprises and unexpected turns. You’ll experience what you may want to judge as a mistake. Was it really a mistake or just a new way for creative exploration? Move in a state of flow on the journey, accepting what arises in any moment. The process is perfect as it is. Let go of any judgment that may pop into your mind. Just relax and enjoy the process of creativity and expression.

3. Calm

Engaging in a creative activity releases the stress of the day (and life!). It shifts your mood into one that is calmer and more present in the moment. You’ll feel more at peace and much happier!

Chose a creative activity and get started today to discover a deeper sense of who you truly are.

Art, as a creative tool for transformation, is at the center of our classes and retreats. Check out our current offerings HERE.

We’d love to have you join us!


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