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Are You Usually Tired and Stressed During the Holiday Season?

In the northern hemisphere, we’re entering into the season of darkness during the year. The season of winter where the light of the sun during the day is less and the darkness of the night lengthens. Mother Earth breathes in for a peaceful rest and time to rejuvenate. It’s time for us too to rest and turn inward.

But as you know, it’s also the time of year for holiday celebrations, and we can easily be pulled from this quiet, peaceful time into busyness that is filled with shopping for gifts, visits with friends and family, cooking special foods, and joyous activities. For many, it isn’t so joyous, but can be very stressful!

So, at this special time of year, we want to invite you to set aside time to join us for a rejuvenating, reflective, hope-giving experience. A special gift just for yourself! You can find out more here.

As we enter into the darkness of winter, it’s a powerful time to turn inward in reflection and contemplation. A time to consider what dreams you’d like to bring into reality. What seeds you’d like to plant and nurture in the new year.

When we look outside at this time, it might appear that all is still and dead in nature. But, deep under the ground, life is stirring and preparing for the next season. The seeds of dreams are stirring in you too, so they can blossom in the coming year.

Every person has dreams that live deep in their soul, ones that they long to realize. Taking time to unlock the door where those dreams live and choosing one to pursue right now could bring more joy and sense of purpose into your life.

Feeling like you haven’t thought of your dreams in life in a very long time? Maybe the idea of having dreams seems so distant to you right now? We can get wrapped up in daily life and that lock on the door to our dreams becomes rusty and covered with cobwebs.

How can you even begin to discover what your soul is yearning to do right now?

What passion might lie hidden in your soul?

What dream once was there but has long since been forgotten?

We’ve discovered that if you move into your more creative side to tap into your intuition, you’ll be much more successful in unlocking that door than if you stay in your thinking, analytic mind.

Write, draw, sing, paint, or dance to see what ideas start bubbling up to the surface. What arises in image, color, sound, or gesture?

What’s tugging at your heart to come to life in your artistic creation? What’s wanting to speak to you in order to be manifested in this world right now?

We’d love to support you on the journey. Join us in our upcoming annual week and a half long dive, Bring Spirit to the Holidays, where we’ll bring you guidance for tapping into your soul’s purpose and manifesting your dreams into reality.

During this 13 day experience, you’ll open your heart, learn to trust your inner wisdom, and reacquaint yourself with the dreams your soul longs to manifest in your life. Discover more here.


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