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Live Your Dreams: No Regrets!

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

It’s happening!  The dream of ours, David and Jeannine to create the Good & Sharp Studios is being birthed! It’s really happening!  



Ever since we joined together to teach a course at the Fox Institute for Creation Spirituality in Boulder, CO, we’ve had a dream to create an oasis for spiritual creatives where we can support them in living their dreams. When the Fox Institute needed to close its doors, we saw a wonderful opportunity to venture down a new path. As you know, when one door closes, a new one opens!

Were we a little nervous about this leap? Yes, of course!  Making changes isn’t always easy. It can be anxiety-producing and challenging!  But we have our faith, our trust in the ever-present spiritual world who will guide and support us in this adventure.  


A few months ago, many of our dear friends were able to join us for our Launch Party for the Good & Sharp Studios on September 25th at the Rembrandt Yard in Boulder, CO – either in-person (safely distanced) or live online. We offer our gratitude to all of you for your support! 

It was a beautiful evening and opportunity for the two of us to share our dream with our community. Yes, even as we needed to adjust our expectations in the midst of a

pandemic!  We persevered and overcame that obstacle, moving forward - Together Strong. 



What about you? What dreams do you have deep within?  Are there ones that still haven’t been fulfilled in your life?  


Yes, those ones that are hidden away that you thought never quite possible to realize.  


Yes, those ones that are tucked away back on the shelf, gathering dust. 


Maybe you thought they weren’t possible?  Not practical? 


Maybe you weren’t sure how to get started or if you’d be successful? Maybe they seemed so crazy that you weren’t sure what others would say?  


I know, life takes over, and you move forward on the journey that you think is needed at the time. Those dreams get pushed back further on the shelf. There are other things happening, things to deal with daily. That’s life!  


But take a moment right now to dream. What if…… what if those dreams could actually happen?  

Quiet those voices in your head that say no for right now.  Just take a moment and dream. What if……….what if you could manifest those dreams? What if it were



Let me take a moment and introduce you to Bronnie Ware, an Australian nurse who spent several years working in palliative care with patients in the last 12 weeks of their lives. In her book, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying, she writes of the incredible clarity of vision that people gain in the end of their lives and how we (yes, you and I!) can benefit now in our lives from this wisdom.  


I know that thinking of dying isn’t usually a comfortable topic to consider for most. We tend to avoid it as much as possible. But death can be a wise teacher for those of us who are still living.  


In her work with those who were dying, Bronnie noticed there were several common regrets that her patients had about how they’d lived their lives. By far, the most common regret that she heard in the last weeks of her patients’ lives was that they wished they’d had the courage to pursue their dreams and aspirations in their lives, not what others had expected of them. 



What a lesson this is for us in our lives! We’re still alive and have time on this earth. We still have time to manifest all that we were meant to bring into this world – even our dreams!  


And we as Good&Sharp want to help you to get started doing just that.

We invite you to our first ever Live Your Dreams retreat in September 2021 at our new oasis, Good & Sharp Studios (a dream of ours!).

We want to support you in manifesting the dream you have. Come and join us! Find out more HERE


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