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The First Step in Living Your Dreams: Become Crystal Clear

Do you have dreams that are buried deep within you? Ones that still haven’t been fulfilled in your life? Ones that you long to realize?

Are they hidden away, pushed down inside, as you meet the demands of your daily life?

Maybe you want to travel or maybe you want to change careers. Perhaps you want to learn to sing or paint. Maybe you want to start a business.

Maybe you thought these weren’t possible? Not practical?

Maybe you weren’t sure how to get started or if you’d be successful. Maybe they seemed so crazy that you weren’t sure what others would say.

To manifest your dreams, you must first identify what it is that you desire. Once this is crystal clear, your intention comes into focus and this can grow into actions to fulfill your dream.

Not sure what exactly you want to manifest? Need better clarity?

Let’s explore your longings and desires so that you can set a clear and powerful intention for manifesting your dream.

Find a quiet space and moment and consider these aspects of your life. Write or draw your thoughts if you’d like.

Health and Wellbeing – Do you want to try a new form of exercise? Learn to cook healthy meals? Explore new places in nature? Find time for more rest and rejuvenation? Address a difficult health or emotional issue?

Relationships and Community- Do you long for deeper connections with friends? A new partner? Greater joy in relationships? More time to be social? To contribute to your local community more?

Sharing of your Gifts – Do you want to share your gifts, your purpose, your passions with more people? Create a business based on your passion? Use your purpose in life to help others thrive?

Growth and Development – Do you want to go on a retreat for rejuvenation? Deepen your spiritual practice? Meditate regularly? Learn something new like a language or skill? Develop a hobby or do a project?

Abundance – Do you want to be debt-free and have an abundant flow of income? Have a home in a beautiful setting where you thrive?

Let your mind wander as you explore these questions. What’s calling to you as a longing in your soul to manifest in life at this time? What starts to rise, bubbling in your soul with excitement? Don’t squash this energy. Let it come. Let go of any negative, limiting thoughts that may arise such as “That’s not practical. I should do this because it’s more realistic. I’m too old to do that.”

Your soul knows your deepest desires and dreams. Your true self knows what would make you happy in your life. Give some space and time to let it bubble up to the surface.

Once you’ve landed with clarity on your dream, you’ll want to set a clear intention and plan for manifesting it.

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