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Open to the Community That is Around You: The 1st Key to Living Your Dreams

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Here in Colorado, summer is here and our local community seems to be coming out of their cocoons of isolation from the pandemic. They remind us of butterflies emerging from their chrysalises and seeking new adventures out in the world!

As we slowly return to meeting with people in person and not on a screen, it’s a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and reestablish relationships with others.

What a treasure it is to be able to greet someone with a smile not hidden behind a mask! This simple act, we probably have taken for granted in the past.

What an enlightening opportunity to become more aware of the many gifts that we’re given in community and to actively build a more conscious one.

Why not take a moment right now and turn off your screen? Put your phone down. And leave your house. Just walk outside and sit on your porch or take a stroll around your neighborhood.

What sights and sounds and even smells do you experience in your neighborhood? Brightly colored flowers blossoming? Barking dogs? Cars driving by?

Who are the people in your neighborhood? Have you met them? Do you know them?

Take time to greet each person you see with a smile. If you have the opportunity, initiate a conversation. Listen with an open mind and heart to discover a little about who this person is in the world.

There are many simple ways that we can open ourselves to create community and connection with those around us. This is just one way. Interested in more ideas? Check out our webinar on Three Keys to Live Your Dreams here.

We, Jeannine and David, have come together to create a dream of ours for our community. It’ll be a hub of spirituality and the arts, The Good&Sharp Studios, an oasis where we can help people to grow, expand, and dream as they align with their inner calling and purpose in life.

What about you? What dreams do you have deep within? Are there ones that still haven’t been fulfilled in your life?

Yes, those ones that are hidden away that you thought never quite possible to realize.

Yes, those ones that are tucked away back on the shelf, gathering dust.

Maybe you thought they weren’t possible? Not practical?

Maybe you weren’t sure how to get started or if you’d be successful? Maybe they seemed so crazy that you weren’t sure what others would say?

We know! Life can take over, and those dreams can get pushed back further on the shelf. There are other things happening, things that need attention every day. That’s life!

But take a moment right now to dream. What if…… what if those dreams could actually happen?

Quiet those voices in your head that say no for right now. Just take a moment and dream.

What if……….what if you could manifest those dreams? What if it were possible?

We invite you to check out our new webinar 3 Keys to Live Your Dreams: Open to Community, Breakthrough, and Clarity to get started today. We’d love to see you manifest the dreams that live in your soul!


David & Jeannine


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