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Key #3 Meaningful Ritual for Sacred Moments

We, David and Jeannine, are so excited that we have come together strong to offer transformational experiences to others at our newly-opened spiritual center and also virtually online. It’s truly been a joy to be able to support others who are interested in realizing their dreams and reaching their full potential.

Interested in joining us for our next event in person or online? Check out what’s coming up soon HERE.

In our offerings, online and in-person, there are 3 powerful keys that are at the heart of the transformational learning we bring. We’ve experienced that they are quite potent in supporting you in taking the next steps on your illuminated path in life!

Let us share a little about them here.

  • Active embodiment of your learning- This is experiential learning at its finest, truly experiencing what you are learning within your body. In active embodiment of your learning, you’ll become aware of the sensations and feelings within your body and be able to shift your energy to a higher, elevated state. You can learn more about this HERE.

  • Playful, artistic expression of the next steps on your path- Be ready to sing, dance and draw with us! We believe transformation can be fun, playful, and creative. It doesn’t have to be drudgery. Discover more about this key HERE.

  • Meaningful ritual for sacred moments - Simple, yet powerful rituals honor the sacred moments on our paths of transformational learning and bring awareness and meaning to our lives. Discover more about this potent piece below.

Now, we’d like to tell you a little more about Key #3 Meaningful Ritual.

Rituals, when created with meaning and intention, can have a powerful effect in your life. At our events, we like to bring meaningful rituals for special moments. Maybe it’s to create a catalyst for a breakthrough in growth on your journey. Or honor a successful step forward.

Maybe it’s to support you in removing obstacles that stand in your way or releasing that which no longer serves you in reaching your higher self.

Maybe it’s to recognize the deeper gifts you have kept hidden. Or to remember the divine being that you are.

When you join in meaningful rituals such as these with others in a community who are an active part, they have a powerful effect.

A recent one we used in an online event was a burning ritual. Together, all participants (including the two of us, David and Jeannine!) wrote down obstacles that were getting in our way of realizing a dream we had in life. Those obstacles could be anything that might be interfering – lack of time, self-doubt, or limited thinking such as “I’m too old.”

Once they were written down, we burned those pieces of paper in a small, fireproof bowl to let go of the obstacles in our way.

That evening we took the ashes outside and spread them on the ground under the light of the moon, as an offering to be composted and transformed by Mother Earth.

A burning ritual with fire is particularly potent as it reduces your challenging issues that need to be released into ashes. A very symbolic act.

There are many types of rituals that are powerful, but here are 3 that we like to use in our events:

  1. Lighting a candle- to bring a sense of sacredness

  2. Pouring water- to clear and/or create flow

  3. A feather, leaf, or seed carried by the wind- to surrender to the Divine

We’ve experienced in our events that rituals, when created with meaning and intention, can have a powerful effect. We’d love to have you experience this at our next event! Check out our current offerings HERE.

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