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From Confusion to Clarity – Getting Clear on Your Vision

Who am I?

Why am I here? What am I meant to do in this lifetime?

What dreams do I want to fulfill?

These are simple question to write, but maybe not so simple to answer. And then once you’re clear on an answer, carrying them out may not be easy!

Everyone has days filled with activities to do – work, caring for family, running errands, taking care of your home and more.

The bigger questions can fade into the background as your focus turns to checking off each item on your to-do list.

So, how can you realize your purpose, your gifts in life? How can you fulfill the dreams you have?

Turning inward is a first step. When you quietly turn inward and ask yourself these simple but profound questions, you’ll begin to…

  1. Dissolve confusion and find more clarity - As you turn inward with a focus on these questions, you’ll start to see what you need to set as clear priorities. When you’re clear and decisive about your priorities, confusion dissolves.

  2. Remove distraction and focus your attention – With clear priorities, you’ll want to stay the course and not be distracted by all the little things that can get your attention. Return again and again to a focus on your priorities, making them a conscious choice. Allow any distractions that may grab your attention to float off into the distance.

  3. Unclutter and create more order – Uncluttering your schedule, your home and your life will help to create an organized environment and clear thinking. This helps you focus on what is most important, leading to productive results in reaching your vision.

Taking time to turn inward in the quiet space of meditation or sitting silently on a regular basis will help you to discover who you truly are, your True Self. This self-awareness will help you continue to stay on your path to manifest all that you’re meant to in your life’s journey – your dreams, your passions, your gifts!

You’ll know you’re moving in the right direction when you start to experience these in your life:

  • You have clear and healthy rhythms and routines in your life for eating, sleeping and activity.

  • You like to keep your surroundings uncluttered.

  • You remember your priorities and focus on them regularly.

  • You stay away from negative influences.

  • You take time to center yourself whenever you feel stressed or unsettled during the day.

  • You spend time in nature regularly to experience calm and a sense of awe.

You’ll be on your way to manifesting your dreams!

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