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4 Keys to Unlocking Your Power to Build Your Vision

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

As long as we’re alive, we always seem to be building something. Or, at least, we have the opportunity to do so! There’s always something to create, to develop, to shepherd into being.

What will remain from our efforts when we’re no longer in physical form on this earth? What will be lasting? Our legacy to the world? These are always good questions to contemplate.

What are you building today? Perhaps a project? A creative endeavor? A painting? A course?

Or maybe you’re building a quality or virtue in your life through your practice? Maybe more patience? Peace? Love and compassion? Intuition?

It takes work to build, nourishing and tending something into being. It’s not easy!

As we’ve guided the creation of our new retreat center, a dream that we’ve had together, we’ve had to work hard to make it happen! These 4 keys, inspired by Mother Nature, have helped us to unlock our strength and power to keep moving forward in manifesting our vision.

1. The solid, strength of the earth – The earth gives us a solid foundation under our feet, our strength, safety, and security. It keeps us grounded. We can trust in it. In our retreat center, the foundation of the building and the grounds have been the earth that has supported us in this project. It offers us a strength and foundation to build from.

In our daily lives, as we go out into the world to build our creations, we can also remember that our spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation, repeated again and again, build a foundation of strength for us. They keep us grounded. From here, we can launch our ideas into the world.

Front of the Good&Sharp Studios

2. The warm, light of the sun – The fiery warmth and light of the sun shines down upon our retreat center, reminding us of the spark that was ignited when our purpose and passion came together in the idea of creating the retreat center. That warm sun brings life into the world, as a seed begins to grow, blossom, and fruit. So, too, our fiery passions bring creations into the world when we use them to build our visions.

3. The flowing water that keeps moving – Not far from our retreat center, is a creek. It continues to flow with refreshing water that moves around obstacles like rocks and tree roots. That flowing water may not know what lies ahead in its path, but still relaxes and “goes with the flow.” It keeps moving, one step at a time. Along the way, it may leave behind sticks, leaves, and rocks at the water’s edge.

We can ask ourselves, where do we need to “go with the flow” and just keep moving to build our vision? Where do we need to let go of the things we don’t need to move forward? Where are we stagnant and needing some rejuvenation and refreshment?

4. The cool, breezy wind that blows in unexpectedly – Suddenly a chill fills the air, and a breeze blows. A storm must be coming. Something’s changing, we can tell. How will this affect us?

In the building of our retreat center, there were always unexpected changes and surprises along the way! We tried not to think of them as obstacles but rather a shift that needed to happen to manifest our dream in the best form. We just kept going forward, like the water in the creek.

What surprises have entered your path as you’re building your vision? How have you moved with the “winds of change” to keep going forward? How have you grown from the experience?

How about taking a walk out in nature today? Enjoy the earth beneath your feet, the sun on your face, a gentle stream nearby or raindrops coming down, and the cool breeze in the air. Feel gratitude for Mother Nature. Contemplate what vision you’re building in the world and which element of nature can offer you wisdom today.

Main room of the Good&Sharp Studios

We'd love to speak with you about building your vision. We are always available to meet with you in person at The Good&Sharp Studios or virtually. To schedule your virtual session email us at today!


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