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"Let it Be… Let it In… Let it Go"

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Are you feeling brokenhearted?

Has the terror and violence of our times knocked you out?

Are you caught in a wave of grief and feel like you are drowning in


Have you lost hope?

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In this FREE 90-minute Masterclass you will find comfort, relief, and hope for the pain in your life. We will help you get from despair to a renewed strength for living by:

  • Giving you an opportunity to give voice to your despair

  • Teaching you a powerful practice to let go of your burdens

  • Offering you a tool to uplift your soul

Who we are:

We are Dr. Jeannine Goode-Allen and Dr. David Preston Sharp.


We are teachers, performers, and writers. We help seekers who want to grow spiritually, those looking for a path that aligns more closely with their inner calling, and those looking to engage their creativity in a more fulfilling way. We help people create vibrant beauty while leaving a legacy of unconditional love. We offer retreats, weekend workshops and individual and/or group spiritual direction. 

More About Us...

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