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We are Dr. Jeannine Goode-Allen and Dr. David Preston Sharp.


We are teachers, performers and writers. We help seekers who want to grow spiritually,
those looking for a path that aligns more closely with their inner calling and those looking to
engage their creativity in a more fulfilling way. We help people create vibrant beauty while
leaving a legacy of unconditional love. We offer retreats, weekend workshops and individual
and/or group spiritual direction.

Dr. David Preston Sharp

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to help people
discover their own strength to meet life’s challenges while retaining
joy and a deep knowledge of the presence and power of God in the
midst of all things.

I studied Drama at the University of Southern California, lived in
Hollywood and became an entertainer to help bring healing joy to
people. But I wanted to be useful offstage as well. I wanted to be an
effective communicator of the divinity I believe is inherent in all
creatures and all creation. I was led to enter seminary, went to San
Francisco Theological Seminary and later after graduating became a
Presbyterian minister (PCUSA) and pastor while continuing to act,
sing, tap dance, and write music and poetry. 

This journey helped me to combine the two greatest influences I grew
up with – spirituality and the arts – into a life work. I eventually earned
a Doctorate of Ministry degree, focusing on Religion and the Arts. I
use my knowledge of spirituality, my communication skills as a
speaker and presenter, and my artistic and performing talents to help
others connect with life in a deep, joyful and fulfilling way.

In addition to working as a pastor, I have taught in university and
post-graduate schools in Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area and
Boulder, Colorado. I have worked at the highest levels of the
entertainment industry, including performing on Broadway, in major
Hollywood movies and on national television shows.

I am of particular help to those who are making major transitions. For
instance, for twenty-somethings navigating their independence, and
who may want unbiased guidance and support in choosing a path or
direction. Or, those in mid-life transitions who wish to re-fire even if
retired. I am also of particular help to those who are multitalented,
and who wish to have an experienced guide in how to be all they are
in a way that is joyful, meaningful and satisfying. Lastly, I am a
counselor for those looking to deepen themselves and grow
spiritually; those looking to become aligned with their inner calling;
and those desiring to engage their creativity in a more useful and
fulfilling way.

Dr. Jeannine Goode-Allen

I am a playwright and performer, musician and teacher inspired by the use of sound, poetry and image to elevate and enlighten. My mission is to help people reconnect to the arts in personal ways that become vehicles for transformation. As a teacher, I have infused song and story into my work as an instructor of children in the Waldorf philosophy for twenty years, in my music and more recently in my theatrical and dance performances.

Raised in international settings in a family of creative artists, I bring my love of sound, motion and visual beauty to each of my projects, from my work with the Ars Nova vocal ensemble to my solo tap dancing and theatre.


I am the creator of the one-woman performance piece, “Feathers on the
Breath of God,” an exploration of personal and human transformation and
connections over time, which entwines my own journey with that of
twelfth-century mystic St. Hildegard von Bingen through music, dance and


I was born in London, England, and lived in New York State until the age of twelve, when my family relocated to Zurich, Switzerland. I began playing the piano at age six, soon performing duets with my sister in live
performances and radio broadcasts. I loved to sing as a child, and when
I entered Dartmouth College at age nineteen, I joined the Chamber Singers there, later touring England with them. After earning my undergraduate degree in German Studies at Dartmouth, I then pursued teaching. I went on to pursue two Masters Degrees from Teachers College at Columbia University, in Education and Counseling Psychology.

Singing, dancing and playing music throughout my teaching career, I strove to integrate my guiding philosophy into my Waldorf teaching, and so began a DMin program under the theologian Matthew Fox, whose work had inspired me many times in my life and teaching. From my original plan to build a Waldorf curriculum around the medieval visionary and healer St. Hildegard von Bingen, my project over time transformed into the one-woman performance piece, “Feathers on the Breath of God”. I graduated with a Doctor of Ministry degree from Fox’s Wisdom University (previously the University of Creation Spirituality) in 2008. I live in Boulder, Colorado
with my husband David Sharp. Together we have four adult children. I am an accomplished singer, pianist and tap dancer, a painter, and a champion of the arts for children and adults. I am fluent in five languages, one of which, German, has greatly aided my efforts to explore and give voice to the powerful teachings of St. Hildegard von Bingen, my musical and philosophical collaborator.


I currently manage Viriditas Productions LLC, have a spiritual healing
practice: Doctor Of The Soul and teach an online course: Master Your Creativity.

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  • B.F.A. Drama, School of Performing Arts, University of Southern California

  • Master of Divinity, San Francisco Theological Seminary

  • Master of Special Education, Santa Clara University

  • Doctor of Ministry, University of Creation Spirituality

  • Ordained minister of Word and Sacrament, Presbyterian Church, USA



  • B.A. German/Spanish – Secondary Teaching Certification in German, Dartmouth

  • M.A. in Education, Teacher’s College, Columbia University

  • M. Ed. in Counseling Psychology, Cross Cultural Counseling, Teacher’s College,Columbia University

  • Doctor of Ministry, Wisdom University

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