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FREE Masterclass FROM
“3 Steps To Living Your Dreams”

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Be part of this soothing, empowering and fun journey…

Chose a date that works for you and click below to register for the Masterclass: 

Are you feeling unsettled and highly stressed?

Are you unhappy and maybe even feeling depressed? 

Do your days feel dull and pointless?

In this MASTERCLASS we will help you get from confusion to clarity by sharing:
  • A relaxing and comforting guided meditation

  • A new and fun movement experience

  • A Good&Sharp “GPS” technique to keep you Good-Performing-Sharp

Register now to be part of this soothing, empowering and fun journey…

Now all you have to do is pick a time from the options below and fill out a form so we can send you an email with the details you'll need to join the masterclass. See you soon!

Meet Your Hosts


We are Dr. Jeannine Goode-Allen and Dr. David Preston Sharp.


We are teachers, performers and writers. We help seekers who want to grow spiritually,
those looking for a path that aligns more closely with their inner calling and those looking to
engage their creativity in a more fulfilling way. We help people create vibrant beauty while
leaving a legacy of unconditional love. We offer retreats, weekend workshops and individual and/or group spiritual direction.

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