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FREE Masterclass FROM

"From Pressure to Power:
The 4 Enlightened Steps on Your Illuminated Path"

Good & Sharp June 2022 Webinar_FB Cover.png

Register now to be part of this fun and uplifting journey!
in this Masterclass you will: 

🪜 Remove distractions and expectations so that you are present to the simple pleasures and joys of life

🪜 Become present to the synchronicities and milestones affirming you are on the right path

🪜 Design your “Roadmap Of Health” with supports and spots of interest along the way 

🪜 Experience the support of Spirit and Community reminding you that you are not alone. 


Does this light you up?

Register now!

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​As Good&Sharp we know first-hand what it is to be on an Illuminated Path. In this 90-minute FREE Masterclass, we will be sharing three practices that we have used in our lives to help uplift, nourish and sustain us on our paths. In this current time on our planet when many of us feel like we are living in a nightmare, there is a way to come together, let go of the pressure and find ways to move forward with a sense of relaxation, strength and joy. The spiritual practices we will be sharing in this webinar have helped us find more power for our lives and they can do the same for you!

Pick a time from the options below and fill out a form so we can send you an email with the details you’ll need to join the Masterclass. 

See you soon!

Be part of the community

We invite you to join the "Live Your Dreams Community" on Facebook.


The group was started by Jeannine and David about two years ago. We have been married now for ten years. We are both spiritual teachers, writers, and performing artists! As a member of the group, you will become part of a community of seekers who want to grow spiritually, looking for a path that aligns more closely with their inner calling and looking to engage their creativity in a more fulfilling way.

Once on the group page, all you have to do is click the JOIN button and answer 3 questions. Your answer to question #3 is especially valuable because it lets us know what you are hoping to get out of joining the group and will inform the content we create for the group.

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